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SupaPeg RV & 4x4 Awnings Review

Supa-RV handle a large range of 4wd accessories, including several ranges of awnings. One of the most popular selections are their Supa-Peg side awnings, available in a total of three styles and seven sizes. If you’re looking for a side awning you’ll almost certainly find one that matches what you’re after. We had a look at a couple to see how good a choice they’d be.

The Supa-Peg range has three options with a choice of sizes in each. There are two economy styles; the Stand Easy ERV is a conventional awning with fold-down poles, and the ECO RV is a minimalist version without poles. There’s also the Stand Easy Deluxe, a higher end model that’s also available in larger sizes. All three models use basically the same material; bases, end bars and poles are all structural aluminium with nylon and stainless steel fittings, and the awnings themselves are Dyna Proof canvas. This is a good choice for the roof material as it’s completely waterproof, and also treated to resist mildew and rot.

The ECO RV is available in two sizes, 2 metres wide by 3 long and 2.5 wide by 2 long. This is the ultimate economy awning; its extruded aluminium base mounts on your roof rack as normal, with the awning rolled up into a vinyl cover, and that’s about it; there’s no end bar or poles. To set it up you can run lines from the outside corners to a nearby fence, trees or another vehicle, or you can add poles and guy lines separately (Supa-RV sell a kit that goes with it.) As simple as it is the ECO RV is pretty well made, and it’s very versatile if you take a set of poles along to widen your options. If you spend a lot of time camping where space is at a premium this could be a good option. The design also lets you put poles half way down each side then slant the end down to give some protection from wind (or light when the sun is low.)

The Stand Easy RV comes in either 2.5 metres wide by 2 long or 2 wide by 2.5 long, and it’s a lot more conventional. Like most of the side awnings we’ve seen you have the base which mounts to your vehicle, hinged telescopic spreader struts and an end bar with fold-down legs. There’s some nice attention to detail here; the legs have end plates that let you peg them securely down. This is a standard awning with no special features, but it’s nicely made despite its budget label.

Finally the Stand Easy Deluxe is another conventional design, available in three sizes. They’re all 2 metres long and you can choose from a width of 2.5, 3 or 3.5 metres. The Deluxe uses the same Dyna Proof canvas as the other two models, but the poles seem to be slightly heavier and the fittings are better quality. The poles have a neat twist lock system with corrosion-resistant marine grade zinc fittings. If you’re looking for a really sturdy awning that’s suitable for regular beach use this would be a good option, if a little pricey.

Supa-RV also stock a large range of accessories, including beach tie down kits with extra guy lines and pegs. Side walls are available for the Deluxe in either polyester mesh or canvas, and if you’re looking for a sleeping option there are canvas rooms that hang from the awning frame. These have rear doors to allow vehicle access and unlike side walls attached to the awning itself they zip up so they’re completely sealed against insects.

The Supa-Peg awnings aren’t the cheapest around – even the “budget” models – but they’re well made and competent. The Stand Easy ERV is maybe the least interesting; it’s just an awning. The ECO RV could be a good choice if you need an awning that will work absolutely anywhere, though, and the Deluxe is a good high end model with a vast range of accessories. These are definitely worth a look.