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Eezi Awn 4x4 Awnings Review

Eezi Awn have a range of awnings that’s a little bit different from the average one. Most models, no matter if they’re a conventional rectangular model or a more elaborate wing design, stow away in a heavy fabric bag attached to the awning base. These usually give pretty good protection, but they’re not perfect. It can be pretty unpleasant struggling with a wet, dirty zip that just doesn’t want to open (or close, which might even be worse.) If you’re really unlucky a stray branch can even rip the bag and damage the awning inside.

Well, that’s not going to happen with on of Eezi Awn’s models. Forget bags; these are built into an aluminium hard case that acts as a combined base mount and protective shell. The cases are quality bits of engineering, nicely made from extruded aluminium, and should protect your awning from just about anything. Spring loaded catches hold the front cover closed when everything is stowed away. These do need some space to operate, so check that when you’re mounting everything!

Inside the case is a conventional awning frame, with side struts, and end bar and two fold-down telescopic legs. It’s all well made stuff that uses quality materials and fittings, giving a real impression of quality. The awning itself is laminated PVC, so it’s pretty tough and about as waterproof as you can get. It’s also rotproof, so it won’t come to any harm if it’s stowed with some water on it.

Eezi Awn’s base Series 1000 model is 2.5 metres long and extends out 2 metres from your vehicle. Setting up is dead simple; just open the case and pull out the end bar, unfold and extend the struts, fit them into the end bar then lower and adjust the legs. It’s all pretty standard. If you want the ultimate in easy operation and don’t mind paying for it, though, you need the Series 2000.

The Series 2000 is available in four widths – 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 metres. The 2 metre model extends out 1.8 metres and the others all go to 2.1. Again they’re all housed in hard cases, but these ones are a bit bulkier. That’s because there’s a lot more going on inside them. These models have a spring-loaded roller which the awning rolls round, so when you pull out the end bar they unroll smoothly. The rest of the setup is fairly conventional, but the roller keeps everything under slight tension so there’s no sagging. Where it really makes things easy is in stowing it again, because it automatically rolls itself neatly back up.

The Eezi Awn 1000 and 200 Series are definitely among the more expensive awnings, but if you like the hard shell idea you won’t go far wrong with one. The 2000 Series is also one of the easiest to stow of all the awnings we’ve looked at, ever.

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